washington mon

For 2 days walked south from 125 years old Tabard Inn Hotel past the White House (groundskeepers working on the front lawn, street out front closed to vehicles with tourists taking pictures and joggers going by) with Andrew “Indian killer” Jackson equestrian statue out front, Treasury Bldg nextdoor, big bank bank buildings surround it (“this is Obama’s neighborhood”), then past the block-long Commerce Dept., with two black kids and teenage minders waiting to get into Aquarium of National Water Creatures and the giant hole they’re digging for the Museum of the African American (they are clobbering us with architecture of overwrought symbols, 80 degrees and I am dripping sweat), the Washington monument covered in scaffolding and a truck-sized elevator running up one side, I stroll under damp tree shade on the grassy ‘mall’ (Capitol at the far end), to the old brownstone Smithsonian where I read a sign in the garden that said in 1886 a handful of remnant bison herd were kept penned there till they were transferred to the national zoo, with school kids milling about and hesitant tourists quietly walking through, I went down into the air-conditioned basement conference room with a bunch of Phd interns and professors and Eric Nakamura and Shizu Saldamando so they could pick our brains—

Eric Nakamura, founder of Giant Robot, by Shizu Saldamando

Eric Nakamura, founder of Giant Robot, by Shizu Saldamando


One of Eric's slides behind me at the Smithsonian---photo by Shizu Saldamando

One of Eric’s slides behind me and Konrad Ng at the Smithsonian—photo by Shizu Saldamando