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Today’s Index

—martyred animals: their oceanic vistas

—yesterday’s major commotion (loud noise): these nightly shadows

—rolling tumbleweeds: the Asian aromas

—bugs, green rocks, untold capability: retinal homework

—walking beside the water: because our bodies are folding

—Okay, the giant hole in America: almost exactly projects a black asteroid

—everyone in the street: exactly the whisper campaign wanted

—stocking glinting spaces: possible sensation spaces opening

—dirt on money: shiny coinage in verbal operations

—sectional dialogue: you there, with the fickle

—boiling toes: her radiating desert feelings

—I said: wan the rippling lovely surfaces

'Riverbed Square' Vase by David Smallhouse

‘Riverbed Square’ Vase by David Smallhouse

Today’s Necessary Indexes:

1. Alaskan colors indexed to legends of fictionalized historical characters

2. Humors and riots

3. Cars named after favorite shoes

4. Dog looks plotted on flea trajectories

5. Desert feelings and others, radiating from her burnt, blistered toes (the ship rocked in waves, the boiling pasta water poured down her legs into her shoes, she could still walk)

6. aromas and expert advice combined with endless illusions, grit

7. blood immunology, green rocks

8. martyred animals: their oceanic vistas

9. I was there—you were there—

10. Glowing renumeration for existential losses continually suffered via erosion, go

'Fire Dance Square' Vase by David Smallhouse

‘Fire Dance Square’ Vase by David Smallhouse

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