look at dirigible

ELADATL’s Chief Financial Officer Enrique Pico denies ex-lover stars in pornos—“In Argentina I admit to insatiable anxiety about Shadow Abyss filled with overweight dirigibles,” said doctor to Sagging Surgery Bulge—covered in unsightly shameful clouds, Shadow Lover slides across the Moon of Worry and Bills She Did Not Pay for House Taken By Bank for $6 Debt—“Last vacation on long poverty stricken beach, I was mocked for Inoperable Cancer and Lonely Flight,” claimed police geranium—overnight transport shadows—“Boxes of unsold dreams”—foggy waves folding endless sound of foggy waves, so we sold unwanted child to Argentina for X dollars when nothing could be farther from the truth, “Stealers Stole It,” he/she was told at the end of the day/ or night/ Zoo escaped python swallowed dirigible baby skin eggs—after several deaths, Sleep Floating on letters sent several years after bitter divorce to Happy Ex-Lover who Laughs at the fuzzy edge of Rising