george's liquor


—for Eetalah


2 in the rain sheets of minneapolis, shivering in ecstasy and caffeine.

2 in the garish noon of bakersfield, shivering in joy and terror.

2 in the basin and ranges of nevada, delivering joy or terror.

2 in the national stadium of chile, american agents stalking.

2 in the liquified muskeg of SE alaska, shivering slightly stalking.

2 in the mild whorishness of the city, shivering in joy and exaltation.

2 in the purposive burning of civilizations, lost in flesh of smoke.

2 in the hurtling automotive spaces of USA, wracked with joy or fear.

2 in rising and falling motion of the Pacific, rolling and trembling.

2 in shopping blocks of downtown boulder, talking poetry and stuff.

2 in the long avenues and boulevards of L.A., cleaning properties.

2 in the pink furled sheets of bedroom, trembling as sleep falls.