the friend whose name i don’t remember paid my way to nicaragua 1984 on a reforestation brigade
the friend whose name i don’t remember stayed at my place a couple weeks and left a pile of dirty laundry
the friend whose name i don’t remember, finally stopped asking for money, finally stopped messages via third parties
called from the airport decades ago on the way somewhere else, last seen in a blue UN helmet in bosnia
last seen in a photograph in a box from the closet, last seen in the misty mountainside on a hike
friend whose name, navigated waters in chiapas in a log canoe, turned back at the border but we were already thru
name i don’t recall, she said she no longer sleeps with men, she’s not married any more
or the one who sent pictures of good-looking husband and baby playing with waterhose on a sunny green lawn, oklahoma city or tulsa
he came once to visit saying his daughter and her boyfriend both suffered ski accident in the alps and woke up with broken legs in the same hospital room
why didn’t i call them up and do stuff, do something on that connexion, so what if i get bored drinking and talking in bars
i heard she moved to texas following some guy, don’t know, he posted a picture of himself on FB shooting a machinegun
i do remember random peoples’ names, like billy balderrama, who i had heard became a local small time politician
i don’t know if that’s true, or that he died, was he really struck and killed by a car while trying to fix his tire?
who knows the truth, i remember other random names like city councilman mike hernandez
(last seen talking to ruben martinez in the art gallery at olvera street)
you remember his career was destroyed by heart attack and cocaine, but absurd not to remember other people important to me
i don’t remember her name, i was so impressed when we met at the stanford indian pow wow
she traveled with a kind of entourage of guys i felt i could’ve joined (maybe in some other life)
the friend whose name i don’t recall threw a blanket over me 3 AM when she found me asleep on her couch
her name i don’t recall ducked behind me when she thought she saw her boyfriend in the crowd
the name i don’t recall right now, what’s the point anyway, i sent dozens of letters and postcards never returned or replied
tears cried on my shoulder, calling in the middle of the night waking me up crying the university screwed her over
withdrew her funding in the middle of her MFA, back to bed my wife said who was it called, so long ago, 20 years later who were they
had to admit, i don’t remember, wake up in the morning—what was that call—don’t remember