What does war stand for?

War stands for our surrender to ordinary stupidity, conformity to lame social norms.

What does poverty stand for?

Poverty stands for our impotence.

What does the largest mass incarceration in U.S. history stand for?

It stands for the turning of the wheel of history on the necks and backs of our people.

What does the shooting of some kid by the cops, by L.A. county sheriffs in an alley in City Terrace at 3 AM or 4 AM stand for?

That those people walking down the alley hopelessly, walking or pacing back and forth at the far end represent somehow ourselves, viewed indistinctly.

What does disdain stand for, when others disdain to answer you or respond to your greeting or query?

Disdain stands for our daily compromises, drastic or less drastic compromises we’ve made with injustice and social conformism so survive this way, to get to this point.