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A.) Happy Crowd of Faces and Bodies

Pink face coughs up turquoise clouds and dust balls

Cleaved face allows direct looking into both of their eyes

The cleaved nature of their face means that skins of animals like gray squirrel and raccoon are the lining of their wounds (the inside part of their face)

Orange face, what orange on their face! Such cheer and good natured friendliness, a glowing orb chest

Ropes that look like twisted green, brown, red and yellow cloth are like borders around images, or snakes moving around them, but also like veins or roads or sinew

Some of them have been torn apart, those retain some of their cheerfulness but alarm also shows on their faces

“Wow, I’ve been torn apart, my natural state is to be devoured. You all should know that we spend most of our existence in a state of spread rather than a state of unity. Unity is brief”

Some might have grease stains on their embroidered clothing, capes, sarapes, tunics and shirts. Some of the shirts will be full of animals flying in all directions like cave paintings.

Some of the faces’ chests will be caves.

Some of them will appear to be wooden women and men; like their bodies are made of carved wood with multicolored sinew joints.

Some will have slippery and shiny skin, some will have skin that’s opened and full of pustules–their eyes will be open for you to look at them, or their skin will be made of eyes that will look at you

Some will have saffron colored handkerchiefs in their hands that they will stretch between their fingers, and their fingers will be stained green from holding and stretching the handkerchiefs

Many will have shades of sage grays under their eyes, like effluvium of glared vision sprayed out of their eyes

Many will have stone animals that they wear around their necks, others will be the things that others wear around their necks

Some will have fat rings of paint circling around their collarbones to their shoulder blades

Some will be painted bright colors, some will have bright colored skin

Some will have bleeding gums from disease or lack of care. These flares of pink and red will communicate smells

Some will wear bundles of bones and ochres, others will paint themselves with bone black and red ochre

Saffron, teals, oranges, vermillion, turquoise, corals, pinks, ultramarine, blueish whites, blacks, lime greens, simple greens, cerulean blues

Many will be disintegrating and incomplete. They will not ever complete themselves or their own meaning

Hair will vary greatly, most hair will be black or gray and straight or wavy

Some hair will be covered in clay, white clay or red clay

Some hair will have stamped images made with white clay by painting a design on their palm, then pressing the wet design onto straight hair

Some will have great jewelry made of silver shapes, some will have hard and sharp adornments and have their hands full of objects

Many will force you to look into their eyes or face until your own face comes into question

Some will have bent bodies, some will have straight bodies, some bodies will be run through with braided cloth in many colors, some of the cloth might actually be intestines dyed with plant stuffs like indigo, onion skin and madder root

Some of them will inspire some amount of terror because they will be the living manifestations of bodies ruined by violent acts

Others will be terrifying because they will be the living manifestations of what will happen to all of our bodies

Some will be terrifying because of our irrational fear of unpredictable behaviors, or our fear of irrational and unpredictable behaviors

Some will be so generous of spirit that they will give you energy to roam the room

Some will obviously be the hills of Los Angeles

Some will belong to the history of California

Some will have backbones as long as the continents

Some will recline across vast patches and tufts of land

Some will have hearts that open into yours

Some will be eating hearts

Some will split open, some will split you open

They will not be of a personal nature, or an allegorical nature, instead they will be of a gateway nature, one that allows one to pass through

Their attitude will be that of allowance, of invitation to take a step into

Some will have candles or lightbulbs, some will hold and light other types of lights

Some will sit in small burrows located inside others’ burrows

Some will have clothing that has folds where other clothing can be found

Most will be worlds unto themselves, hosts of all life

The room of their bodies and faces will be full of turbulence and stillness

No lyricism, no fanciness. Plain faced truth even if it doesn’t appear to be plain on the gross level, the faces will be easeful and presently plain

Some will sit and some will stand, some will be contorted by all types of things, boxes, caves, old age, deformity. The truth of bodies will be there for us to see

Some of their bodies will appear mechanical or wooden, some will be puddles on the floor, soft jackets of skin

Some of their skin will be radiant, some will be smooth and beautiful, others will have beautiful skin of eruptions

Some will have fur on their skin and the faces of animals

Others will have masks of animal faces or twisted faces

Some will hold metal things, rusting in their hands

Stains will be everywhere in the happy crowd of all kinds of faces and bodies

The faces will be serene in the happy crowd

The happy crowd will have endless depth and scale

The flatness of the depiction will speak to the essential limited view of our own perceptions, painted food and painted hunger

It will also speak to the abundant spaciousness of our connection with painted images, that our perceptions are a flat gate to real dimensional realities


Clowns or spirit types, portraits, in large hi res photo prints, buffered with drawings, maybe ceramic objects.

Large portraits evoking large ideas of emotional states, obliquely referring to outdated and old iconography of lost traditions and inaccessible feelings. Hidden feelings, hidden cultures, all layed out through a manifesto of portraiture.

Sacred plants, foolish or contorted poses, layered clothing that hides the body or exaggerates it. Dirty or messy organic backdrops, enigmatic or ecstatic pointings to.

2.) Like gray blue plants, crisp and ashy

Like self regulating storms, building and ebbing, waving like fingered oceans

3.) I (my shivvering plant self) came out of an offshoot of the root of my rhizome, which has often used personae to establish and unhide dimensions of the fringe, dark connections/metaphysical connections unique to Los Angeles.

These connections include honoring the natural fibers of los angeles and the original aesthetic of the basin as cultivated and invented by the tongva people, harmonic resonances established, invented and amplified by thousand year projects.

Mestizo overlaying projects also created their own harmonics

The project in this context is an act of reclamation of an aesthetic value system, not traditional but living.

It’s also a clown project though. XXXXXXXX the past with its emphasis on cosmologies peopled with saints or supernatural presences, point to this new thing. It’s these personae that anchor the place that’s really the subject of the photo.

Sacred clowning, like sacred sainthood is an exalted place in human perception. Clowns occupy a frige space on the opposite side of the spectrum of saints. They’re dirty saints, creative and fecund. Getting into things , messing shit up.

The interrelatedness of them all make them a society. The individual attributes of each, often contradictory make them deities. “You can alway tell a god by their hilaritas” they have multiple attributes but maintain both sides if the “hilar” derivation being both full of hilarity and being hilarious.

Sacred clowning is a Native American practice. One power is that they are irrespective and sometimes disrespectful though not ignorant of power structures. They disappear, they reaffirm “no-soul”

These clowns challenge power by pushing through older harmonics, older perennial patterns. The power structure that down trods these patterns of life is non-living–while the fringe society that acts and re-enacts these works is more powerful than power structures.

“Funny Soul makes this world.”

4.) Risk of humiliation as clown is target of laughter. Clown cracks open people as zen master cuts off student’s finger. “Now you understand”

5.) Archetypical and can be consulted as a living embodiment of ancient human harmonics. A refined body language that enacts the symbiosis between human and non human earth.

6.) Outside Society: The clown is a representation of the egoless non participating human spirit–that which is apart from social convention, whose personality is unformed and ego undefined by the desires and reflections and self judgements triggered by society. Clown reaffirms existence of turbulence.

from http://www.revumbio.com/CLOWNDING/CLOWNDUMP.html

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