daniel rosenboom deftly carved the turkey.
“I want to take pictures but my phone is broken,” toshi said.
“here, use mine,” tom said.
sabro, marquita and justin looked down into little phone screens and tapped them.
“I didn’t design the office,” marquita said.
“he could ask the tenant in the front to move out and we could use that space but he just let her put her sign on the front so i don’t think he’ll do that,” marquita said.
“i designed that,” justin said.
“what are you going to do for easter break?” sabro asked.
“raspberry and dulce de leche,” aubre said.
“spotify may be good for listeners but it’s bad for musicians,” daniel said.
“last year i got a check for one cent from spotify. one cent!” daniel said.
grandma oversaw the kitchen.
“i have a workshop tomorrow,” grandma said.
“thanks, ma, the turkey came out great!” i said.
“what are you going to do for easter break?” sabro asked.
“i’ve been working with this singer. it’s going to be an acoustic group, it’s going to be pretty strange,” daniel said.
aubre said something about the dead turkey.
“i have a lot of projects i could do,” sabro said.
“it was on the 101, by vermont. the car just came up alongside and hit the side of my car,” toshi said.
“the whole side of your car was smashed? did they stop?” i asked.
“no, she just zoomed away,” toshi said.
dolores and aubre helped in the kitchen.
“what are you reading?” tom asked.
“a naked singularity. i read a big chunk of it; nothing happens for the first 400 pages and then there’s a massacre,” i said.
“it’s from trader joe’s,” grandma said.
“oh, i thought you brought the iced tea,” grandma said.
“i didn’t even have time to get the license plate,” toshi said.
“don’t come close, i am sick,” toshi said.
“we’ll see you at the blue whale!” toshi said.
“we’re playing at the blue whale on the 23rd,” daniel said.
“it’s my favorite place to play,” daniel said.
“they can move upstairs,” sabro said.
“there is no upstairs,” justin said.
“that’s what i mean,” sabro said.
“they complain that our dog barks too much,” sabro said.
“we don’t have a dog,” sabro said.
“i went like that, just to shoo him off, and when he jumped off, there was a big ripping sound and he had torn the canvas, or actually it was painted on vinyl,” marquita said.

“he painted it on vinyl,” marquita said.
“i picked five out of twenty to have restored,” marquita said.
“it’s a two thousand dollar cat,” someone said.
“i had one of those cats. you know, it’s totally worth it,” tom said.
“i haven’t been in the water for nine months,” tom said.
“i probably bit off more than i can chew,” tom said.
“but i’m like you, i don’t know when my next gig is going to come, so i take on all the work i can,” tom said.
he indicated aubre, who grinned.

numbered crew