maybe if we entertain this vision of gangsters killing people we can forget about the wars.

maybe if we yelp endless restaurants and eat lots of food we can forget about vast doom of our lives.

maybe if we purchase a new vehicle and attach its motor to ourselves and drive our debt we might dream.

maybe if we consider fictive problems of astronauts lost in space we might forget about all these other people.

maybe if we purchase new clothes and apply them to our person we might forget about too many past successive incidents.

maybe if we exercise our vexations and protuberances by focusing on arcane requirements of vicissitude, we could obliviate.

maybe if we dote upon something formerly comforting in another life, we might achieve proper attitudes toward the east.

maybe if we console ourselves accurately with ministrations of adequate cuteness we could orientate formally our one-time notions.

possibly if we overrule our concessions with obsessions of comeliness then we could emerge on the other side of blue lavender scale.

finally could we deal with raising heretofore fuzzy invisible embryonic personality from shreds of reality we could get on.

perhaps if we inveigle marked shrapnel embedded in our morphology we might see pools of viscous liquid in new light.

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