philip seymour hoffman, actor makes sweeping gesture

philip seymour hoffman the spider seems crushed it tries to get away with only four legs

i am helping it with paper mind(s)

philip seymour hoffman trapped between republicans and democrats makes a gesture

(visualize faint puckering around his mouth, as if a sour taste here)

p. s. h. performs the phases of the moon in palatial chiffon of greenish PVC

i saw this special movie where he did voice over

the movie was projected upon rows of parked cars and somebody’s green furry handcuffs

voice over did shift a grand decisive gesture

the movie was called synecdoche, to the left of david hockney

the movie flickered and got on a plane

the plane rose into a red sky

but that was not the gesture, the gesture itself was italian which is some would suggest, coastal

ate whole fish bones and all

(shot of vast glittering ocean surface along long serrated coast line fading into distance like sea of cortez)