lead natural strictures
1. vote democratic, burble like the ravens, chortle like the crows
2. pay your taxes and your dues, eat sunshine ravenous
3. comb your hair, wear clothing large enough for the body, live jumping
4. organize the workers, organize your face
5. encourage fellow feeling, recognize humanity’s wheelbarrow
6. take leadership, hop pertly about the landscape with wings folded back
7. never say die, bleed like the new girl
8. drink plenty of water, die on time
9. read theory, throw rocks into intersecting dimensions
10. fresh air and exercise, flange the electric guitar of nose and ear cartilage
11. don’t burn plastic, listen to waves squall and spit
12. women equal, attend all the conferences of rumor and haste
13. don’t swear, swearing up and down the high seas
14. fill what’s empty, empty what’s full, torn flap
15. be gentle, spoon the earthquake and tsunami
16. do your homework, squander Squanto
17. be bold, bolt your teeth with blackened modernism
18. dont be a sucker, dont play that cardamom
19. drive safe, not on trees in orange light




photo by Mike Willard