1. any ordinary confusions
2. stars, far away tiny
3. certain women, descriptions of attitudes (if shakespeare’s tragedies are the tragedies of overweening masculine ego and ambition, as so many male narratives go that route, the feminine or feminist alternatives offered are what? virginia woolf, grace paley, nadine gordimer, clarice lispector, zora neale hurston, alice walker?)
4. dream scenarios or scenarios like dreams
5. letters from agents and unknown others pretending to be one person
6. american loneliness, parsing the weirdly huge distances between people
7. is everything over before it’s over? (“the last to know”)
8. descriptions of one day (come on, everything leads to now)
9. glib facile pretend-narrative devices, deployed (like francisco hinojosa)
10. masks for people i know (ray foster, etc.)