( “- the soothing key. “)
-for Mom and

I pray for togetherness
I must put all the energies;
compassions; creativeness;
ingenuities; feelings-feelings
for ensemble , feelings for where
I hurt others, for where I
thrust too hard, too fast; call
up all my enthusiasms,
exuberances; call up all
my love
I praise the sun
its warmth making the
world so much more fun,
adding colorful flowers,
play, new energies, new
growth got body, food-
inculcating, germinating
re creating
the rain
its cleansing, nourishing
the wind
its spreading seeds
the earth
to its desert centers
the water
to its ocean centers
the aloneness
source of all creativity
the cold
sets sugar; brings people
together; reestablishes priorities
this is incomplete as I am
incomplete as i always will be incomplete- except dead
-there, it might be where there is nothing more to be lost; it
might be freedom; it might be
beauty, it might be complete
it sports* a changing countenance
as I do. as I keys,
prayers and praise
as I do

*sport here refers to
the phenomenon like a field of red poppies,
one of precisely the same kind, for no reason
flowers white.

Ray Foster
San Jose 4/20/80