“On 3 of January 1886, Macsimino Lopez from Hacienda de Guadalupe was falsely accused by some enemies of being a highwayman and reported to the authorities of Guanajuato, who decided to use the current fugitive law {execution by firing squad} in his prosecution, but this never happened due to the grace of the Holy Virgin after offering her this retablo.”



Hey Dave, 90s here must be frying like a skillet in Chico

but it must rain in a decade or 2

I had a student a couple years ago with mental illness

a great kid, funny and super-intelligent (like they can be)

he used to come talk to me in off-hours about his ups and downs

obsessing about one girl who loathes him and the attention his attention brings

he draws Japanese manga comic books about everything and she features in many

both are Chicanos but in his comic books she looks like a Japanese anime cartoon, big eyes, round face

but the last time I saw him, hunched over in the library at a table alone, lost in his obsessions

trapped in his isolation and weird (comic book interpolated) single-track schizophrenic ideas

they later told me he was having delusions that the whole school was conspiring about him

because of that girl) though it had been years since he was told that she did not want him to speak to her

he continued to ask counselors to put him in the same classes with her—but of course they refused

so it must be because of on-going conspiracy of everyone who knows him

anyway the poor crazed kid hunched in his hoodie, on his meds but still isolated and lost in delusions

like endless Japanese manga reminds me of America, USA could be doing great positive things in the world

(this kid could have had a great life, with his brilliance) saving lives and saving itself

but no, it’s lost in crazed obsessions of money and power (all slipping the faster from its grasp)

obsessed with paranoia, fear and terrorism, and we must be trapped with it in wars, waste and negativity—