how about when they lay hands upon the gloomy profile, so that the glandular fear swells tumescent yellow, fatty tissue was reminiscent of a flexible, steel-framed friend, who was “modular spectacular” and “groomed arroyo”—cottage rooftops which casually descend to the level of the fences, mired in normative formulations interwoven with glad membranes (liver and aspirin) some explosions, popping noises, smoke or fumes (follicles rubbed off) once revealed as if by a receding tide, jagged crowns of rocks splashed and swirling with bubbles, dripping greasily down the paper they had pasted on the wall to cover it, the steel-framed friend (or eyeglasses, some would have it) “humidity of the poles” headed to the right “20th century straw teeth mastered by filigrees of rosy bronze as if into a sheen of air” (blistery white gum), (tooth and porcelain door knob) hand and arm reaching across the table of the landscape, unfurling disagreement and emboldening fingertips almost tapping like little balls of yarn in a fringe hanging from the curtain, so that “broken dogs” casting green “Chinese shadows” along the saline front where spots of excrement and peaches recount toilet paper rolls in alignment accordingly the hanged men of the calendar, those rubbishy fermented alcoholic notes, toward the tall immensely abbreviated folder of the steel-framed friend, not pine-scented about…

photograph by LIndsey Bolling

photograph by LIndsey Bolling


…yellow scales on the green-framed evergreen, Sino-green temperate forest map left in the car, yellowed desiccated grainery rice sheaves, grasshopper popping up into the air of Fall like summery afterthoughts, we have regular ideas about them in the Main Street plateglass, Japanese New Year plates of memory gauze smeared with aguacate-cream of swervy pulp, child weeping she said of dead greatgrandfather while she herself homeless last year, my green-framed friend turned to yellow sunshine splayed across entrance way, enemy forces and their guitars and socks and their tickets could be in Calif. or NV, or AZ, cactus bristle toothbrush mustard and watercress delight in byways and alleyways of long days gone inside long nights, thin reeds of bones played by insect messengers and amphibia in 1960’s green twilight, closing the billfold on my green-framed friend’s license, (his or her) picture of leafy shadows on headlight wall flashing past momentarily like the gantry of space rocket, chopsticks could be used to extract from car collision the bits of still useful trembling, Oakland there mighty amber “All our agents are currently on another call, please hold on the line and we will get back to you in a moment,” green-frame



4-41-framed friend, 326 fan palm trees tilted in the brushfire, sugar my 4-41 on one side a sidewalk and not on the other, one side side sunny sunny and hot and hot and not not another another, 1965 Mercury Marauder sniffling choked up with sentimentalism of 4-41-framed friend, bent side mirror flying off at high speed on the Interstate, she kept you coming back, didn’t she, so? Swap old man in furnished room for old man in managed-care facility with roads, shuddering hamburger case full of articulate cartridges sparkly like thighs of juniper thought of tomorrow—which went by parade “of history”—through passive Mediterranean or Caribbean lateral differentiation we didn’t decide one way or the other, it was done by animals, the rest was holding laminated national forests I surmised, I appreciated 4-41-framed coherent sea coast you remember, the biological (hanged men of the century)