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because that was not very good, really not very good, I know you probably thought it was at first, but at least the damage is not permanent, so you still have time to appeal to any of the following (even those who may by this time have passed to the other side —so-called—might be persuaded probably for ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS):

Ken Chen:

“My life is not unbearable yet still I must escape it.”

Jayne Cortez:

“no ju ju leaves hidden/ in the center of the whirlwind”

Will Alexander:

“I am more like a crow from crucial underwater fires/ a crucial underwater crow”

Eileen Myles:

“These’ll/ Diesel”

Noah Eli Gordon:

“praised as supreme realism condensed in the face of a blue flower”

Arthur Sze:

“he closed and opened his eyelashes along her ear”

Jose Emilio Pacheco:

“Ashes are smoke you can touch,/ fire mourning itself”

Juan Felipe Herrera:

“a neutrino perched on a string/ of no-seeing”

Ammiel Alcalay:

“into this world slower or more quickly”

Martin Espada:

“like broken rifles, all the people/ who are now red trees”

Susan Howe:

“Words words night unto night”

Miguel Hernandez:

“En el fondo del hombre/ agua removida”

Nicanor Parra:

“I am hanging from the wing of a fly/ or rather I am clinging tooth and nail”

Yoko Ono:

“Write all the things you want to do./ Ask others to do them and move on.”

Roque Dalton:

“Say flower, bee, bread, teardrop, storm.”

Nguyen Quang Thieu:

“I touch the great vow/ ringing fiercely from the dark side of the sun.”

Dolores Dorantes:

“Es estoy/ este arbol/ donde el protesis/ que crecio en tu alma/ como pie”

Aharon Shabtai:

“The meat on its plate/ tells of placentas/ cast aside by roadblocks.”

Paul Guest:

“My mouth is empty. The words won’t stay.”

I believe any of these poets would be happy to help you with your problem. Purchase several lines of your choice together for a discount.


December 2014