Little universes!———-What’s U. doing? She went out, took the dog out 90 minutes ago———-I sent her a rocket ship piloted by Valentina Tereshkova, cosmonaut, to land beside her with roar of smoke and blasted dust, Valentina steps from the ship, shakes hands, “Comrade!”———M., who at this moment is driving north on what highway, to Santa Ynez, Valentina can scout out her Toyota truck far below through wispy clouds, shining Southern Calif. day, slight haze——–zooming over the Toyota truck, Valentina sets down with expertise and precision, out of some other time, some other ideology, some other dimension, Valentina can say hello to M. from all of us, and then————What’s Grandma up to? Sudoku? Reading? ———–Lift-off! Zoom! Valentina greets you with comradely outer space greetings from U. and M., and all of us!———–J. and C. are dabbling at their computers, working it seems, at the kitchen table——–D. joins them with her computer——–Valentina could set her rocket ship down adroitly in the driveway, the whole house would shake, dust drift from the ceiling, the door bell rings!————Who’s there? ———-Valentina!