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I like this club, we go on outings to the edges of abandoned desert cities, the fields of jets and bombers that will never fly again, the nuclear facilities, other secret or underground areas. Some of these people really believe in UFOs, believing that they’ve been kidnapped by aliens, maybe in some other life, experimented on and raped by aliens. Some are aliens and believe in crazy people, believe that we can turn off Route 66 somewhere into portals of Western Civilization that extend backward and forward in time. Like you drive into a one street town, with motels and a couple diners, a couple of gas stations, maybe it looks spic and span but abandoned, like a B-movie set with tumbleweeds on Main Street, you can’t quite put your finger on what rings inauthentic about it but there’s a ringing as if the characters in a movie can hear soundtrack music in the distance. You get a soda from a machine at the gas station, put a penny in an unusually large scale with very round dial looming over you, that when you step on it tells you how much you weigh on other planets, and it also tells you your fortune. In this universe, apparently everyone is white, you are white and everyone thinks they are white even if they are not white. For example, a movie poster on the empty theater is curled by the breeze, depicting Godzilla destroying Tokyo, but if you look closely at the people in the movie poster, the only actual faces you can make out (with human expressions, in the retouched black and white photographs that the poster is based upon) are white actors, and the Japanese are just shadowy figures scurrying in the background, merged with shadows and crushed by falling buildings. Godzilla spits fire on them. In this UFO club (you don’t even know how you joined) even the aliens who think they are white hate Mexicans and don’t believe in them, believe that they should be denied drivers licenses because that way they will not be able to drive into this universe, they can disappear into the vastness of deadly deserts on another planet and its stretches of abandoned cities and nuclear missile silos… now open to the cold desert wind, dark desert winter night winds…


January 2015