california coast town, some novices---community college group---
a handful of people amid desultory scattering of student desks,
what's going on? nothing? the instructor who is a pal,
doesn't have programming or agenda, turns to me, 
"you want to read something? you got something?"
of course, i always have something. i can always do something.
i'll read, "the blue garage." but what is "the blue garage"? 
it was supposed to be something i could run through without thinking. 
but now i can't recall exactly what it was. i just need something,
just a little clue, a word would suffice, just to get started.
hold on, i'll do this. i got this. but i can't remember what it was.
it's like everything has gone dark, and indeed, i am standing in 
the middle of the blue garage. it's an old abandoned garage, debris,
blue paint blistered and peeling, and i've been standing there so long
only one person's left, my host leads me away. there's a reception or
gathering afterward in some little downtown storefront, but
i'm in no mood, disgusted with myself, later i wake up in a
furniture store in a pile of rugs, it's morning in the town, time to go.