Luis Rodriguez reading Whitman’s “Poets to Come” at San Gabriel Mission Playhouse 320 S. Mission Drive San Gabriel CA poet laureate of the City of Los Angeles speaking about the role of poets and poetry in U.S. mentions Tia Chucha Press, explains why he’s a publisher of poets, tells of his cultural center, Tia Chucha, “we’re going to make expression part of the mix,” —“I’d like to mention a metaphor—it is the train”—“we’re going to pick 3 stops—it’s the train of our life—let us know what you dropped off and what you picked up—” then reads a T. Roethke poem, “In a Dark Time”—ah, okay, 3 stops:

1 stop, Lower State Street, drop off Greek Deli, drop off the YMCA where dad roomed across from the Greyhound station, drop off neon lights from the bus station fuzzy in the fog, now it’s a parking lot (pick up the scent of bruised rosemary)

Stop 2, the light falling through the morning window, filling the curtains; drop off dreams, the floating body in the space of time—pick up the new day

Stop 3, Zenobia Peak, western Colorado, Dinosaur National Monument, drop off the one that exists in the actual world, pick up the one that exists in memory, where the green river smell of the Green River pours through the Gates of Lodore

luis rodriguez