JoaquinTheMountainRobber Labor camps of the Soviet Union, will we escape them? San Francisco earthquake 1989 or was it Northridge quake fire and water pouring out of jagged streets? With everything shaking how’s the epileptic supposed to get drunk down the boulevard where they say hey puto? What’s a potato latke at a time like this? Chopstick (now) as hair ornament or nose piercing? Was it a cat that dug up the zucchini that Leonor planted yesterday? Where does the reflection of the burning city float in my iced tea? Yes, no, 50,000 mexicanos disappeared or 100,000? American money or american guns? Is it your duty to float in your bubble of consciousness like a goldfish or pop it? Who is that singing? Is this the Colombianization of everything? Five grapefruits from somewhere rolling around the table top like your body? Like your ideas? Like your eyeballs? The sunshine is hurting, the leaves are curling? If you had one question for the children of Gaza before they were blown apart, what would it be? Thank you for your business? MurrietaExhibit1853