Pretty girl with crimson hair at the taco stand

laughing at the taco stand

as I drive by, approximately 35 MPH,

in the heavy traffic of rush hour and war sickness 2015 USA

past Chano’s Burritos and where the Miyamoto family used to live

by Lincoln Park DMV and past a whole life, apparently,

because the pang punches my gut and says, “My girl has that hair!”

but you (like her, crimson-haired girl) have already gone from my sidelong glance

as I remember to pay attention, workers and vehicles merge from the Forever 21 plant,

walking or driving out at day’s end, the afternoon taking it all

in into its lateness. Way to go, crimson-haired girl in late afternoon.

I like your laugh even if it hurts for a second. Just yesterday

my girl sent a selfie smiling via cell phone, standing at the edge

of the continent, on the other side, on the crashing Atlantic,

sea wind blowing on her smile, sea wind blowing

through her black hair

. birthday kid