1. we will meet in our office space (to be determined, it has to look real)
  2. we will reconstitute the constitution and reogranize this organization
  3. we will have applications for those who wish to join
  4. we will recognize natural leaders 
  5. we will takes notes on stuff that people want done
  6. we will have some sort of agenda like this
  7. we will have music of avant garde noise
  8. we will have food and drinks and refreshments for people
  9. we will have posters and stationary of the organization
  10. we will have sunshine coming through the windows
  11. we will have screenings of films of the East Los Angeles Dirigible Air Transport Lines
  12. we will have poets or writers read work related to the air
  13. we will make it official
  14. we will have an agenda and stuff
  15. soon