construct and iota alluded to in a dream or reformulated as “vegetables”.

June 4 or June 11, ice left behind in a glass on the table of the cafe.

ice melting, beans softening into the shape of event horizon of Thursday.

inserted from the left, instrumental music without melody (memory of it evaporated).

maybe it was alluded to as noted “in a dream,” or in passing conversation.

(how much conversation can you recall from Thursday June 4?) recycling.

thoughts, newspaper language of social compact, who scratched those clouds on the sky?

who were we (major referents subsumed like energy neither created nor destroyed),

telephone poles of the avenue reorganized as “dogs,” dogs recycled as mountains of the evening…

sunset on mountains recycled as the burnt part washed off the pan, the fire returning as

a paper bag of Thursday crumpled along the edge, unfolded and shook out like a feeling,

as I read about the bicyclist killed by a hit and run driver doing 80, dragged 500 feet on Figueroa.