Michele’s work influences my dreams (Chinatown NYC, 2010).


this young group confronts me in an East L.A. parking lot, this troupe of players, performers, as if off the bed of an El Camino pickup, getting ready to sing, but they stop me, the lead guy won’t stop bending my ear, he goes on and on, I know all about it, I have my sympathies, the girl in her vintage clothes and bright red lipstick frowns at me dubiously, so I say all right, all right, I already bought some, I already bought like 4 of them! How much are you selling them for? $5? gimme two more—it’s a chapbook called CLUNKY CHANCLAS, by some chicana doing like a michelle serros thing, these are her friends selling her chapbooks in the streets, doing performances to make sales, and it’s a dream

—Chinatown NYC, 2010