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“O-PINYONATER” Pinyon pine in Western CO that believes everything you tell it

“Emotional Lock,” attach to whatever you desire

“Connect-the-Dots,” when you see spots

“Nobody is There,” when somebody is there

“Hole in Your Ideology,” so you can see yourself

“Neon Smile,” turn it on when you leave

“ASPIRIN OF GRAVEL,” available everywhere

“Yucca Spike,” FOR EXAMPLE

“PERSONAL ACUITY,” not for everyone

“Favorite Shirt,” now you have something to wear

“Cardboard Sky,” add your own weather

“Black and Yellow Striping,” in order to proceed

“Plastic Chair,” go sit outside

“Preying Mantis,” friend

“COWBOY BOOTS,” stomp dance on the moon

“NEW KID,” meet the New Kid

“A Piece of It,” to re-attach MEMORY later

“Beige Tone,” applicable anywhere, including Journalism, academia, job-related, etc.

“Jeffrey Pine-ator,” RESONATES MEANING

May 7, 1952: View of Los Angeles City Hall lite up at 5:15 a.m. as A-Bomb is exploded in Yucca Flat, Nevada, some 300 miles away. This photo was published in the May 8, 1952 Los Angeles Times. The Lindbergh Beacon projects the ray of light from a top City Hall.

“Little Stick,” to hit yourself

“Borderline Illusion,” to play with

"Mechanical Finger," instantly does what you say

“Mechanical Finger,” does what you say


“UNBROKEN YEARS,” replacements (it all comes back)