vermin on the mount oct 30

Join us for a night of irreverent readings with Sesshu Foster, Andrea Kleine, Janice Lee, Allan MacDonell, David Ulin and your host, Jim Ruland.

BOOK SHOW, 5503 North Figueroa St, Los Angeles, California 90042

7:30 PM OCTOBER 30

Jim Ruland asked me to note “an unusual event that occured during a reading”:

At CSU Dominguez Hills after a reading I gave, there was a line of people getting books signed, saying hello or asking questions. One tatted rockero kid with shaggy hair said, “You know, in your book, City Terrace Field Manual, you wrote about a woman who was murdered. That was my grandmother.” I didn’t really know what to say, or expect what he was going to say next. “My mom told me to give you this letter. She asked if you could give it to your mom. She said to thank your mom for being so kind to our family after my grandmother died. She always remembered your mom’s kindness. She said she made my mom’s Halloween costume, and helped her get to summer camp. She could’ve come tonight, but she’s in Washington D.C.” I did give the letter to my mom, who is now 90.