a list for Sesshu Oct 23, ’14

  1. It got so hot last month you could hear the pine cones cracking open on the trees. The pine seeds fly down onto my porch from quite a distance on their little light brown wing.
  2. A giant turkey vulture gliding effortlessly in circular patterns over P.G. in a blue sky.
  3. The morning glory cuttings that Debbie and I planted outside are looking well and sending up new leaves, little sun worshippers.
  4. The Lord of the Rings movie “Fellowship of the Ring” part of the story by J. R. Tolkien, filmed in New Zealand.
  5. The bathroom floor covered in pee. My other room-mate always seems like such a sober fellow but I think he gets really drunk at night.
  6. Debbie’s kittens Samantha and Dylan have already grown to the size of my cat. Dylan still likes me but Samantha is already bored with my presence.
  7. I’ve seen no T.V. for months, no internet either.
  8. The first monarch butterflies have started to filter in on their long migration.
  9. I’ve seen four doctors.
  10. I saw a newborn baby/ with wild wolves all around it/ I saw a highway of diamonds/ with nobody on it/ I saw a black branch with/ blood that kept drippin/ I saw a room full of men/ with their hammers a-bleeding/ I saw a white ladder/ all covered with water./ I saw ten thousand talkers/ whose tongues were all broken/ I saw guns and sharp swords/ in the hands of young children…/
  11. 5 AM: a black and white cat, strange, looking up at me from the driveway below, looking very much like my cat.








paul's marina high school mural

mural by Paul Foster, age 16 or 17