My transmitter is not broken, its unhappy, and why

Just because i have that flu

Where everything hurts, eyes hurt

From inside out

Head hurts like steel pincers, etc,

but we are alive fucking transmitter

Be happy

We are broadcasting

Live on this frequency even tho i cant keep my eyes open too long

the transmitter doesn’t care about the miracles of photosynthesis or phytoplankton

There are fish still in seas of plastic

There are children eating the crumbs and dust of buildings they used to live in

There was a couple with a little dog sitting on the neighbors steps watching the sun rise at 630 am

Immensity of the one star

Preceded by volcanic red brilliance of the sky

Over the low desert mountains, the strings of little urban lights of the san gabriel valley

All about to be silently overtaken by that major thing

Sunny new day

Still, little transmitter somehow not pleased by this vast new day

Because of the flu? Shut up and

Transmit this